We’ll be cooking different foods in the classroom and sending home boxed recipes for you to assemble yourself! We’ll also be making a group cookbook with all our favorite flavors and recipes at the end of the summer for you to take home and enjoy! 7th grade and up for in-class, all ages for take-home!

In Class

Check the calendar! Class starts 30 minutes before the listed time for prep and setup. The length usually is around 2 hours (plus however long it takes for us to eat!) Some classes will focus on a group meal with a pro chef, while others are a bit more self paced.

At Home

Learn how to make something a bit fancier than Cup-o-Noodle. Kits will have everything you need food-wise to make your meals. Sometimes there might be a special tool you’ll need, but I’ll try to make sure you get one if you need it.