Get Involved

Ways you can help out at LevelUp:

Thank you so much for your interest in helping our program! If you have a student at LevelUp, please come visit us during school hours. We may need help with more specific projects.

If you live in the Portland area:

-We are always looking for computers to fix and recycle. We can securely wipe your hard drive and will make sure your electronics are put to good use
-Do you work somewhere that can offer unique work experiences for our students? Finding opportunities for the kids to try new careers or to earn products in trade is something we always want to do.
-We are not looking for in-class volunteers or donations. While we appreciate the thought, we do not have the capacity to manage or administer this type of help at the moment.

If you live outside of Portland:

-The best way to help is though our Patreon. It’s not even about the money (which of course helps!), it’s about showing the students that people around the world are supporting them.
-We also need content! We don’t have a marketing budget, and all the custom images, web design, video editing, and photography are done in-house (usually by me). So anything that we can use on our website, or (currently empty) social media, or short articles you want to write about things we should try in the program would all be good.
-You can always send us a postcard! I bet the kids would love to see postcards from around the world. And share our story with other people and organization, even if you don’t have what we need right now, someone you know surely does!