What is LevelUp Academy?

We are an after-school program embedded in a lower-income housing project. Our no-cost program provides on-site tutoring, job assistance, leadership training, and social support. We use B-Corp’s “Benefit Company” requirements to guide our decisions and monitor our progress.

Or, to say it more plainly, we are a bunch of punks who take care of each other. Since 2015, We eat fruit snacks, play Super Smash Bros, and sometimes a shoe gets thrown.

Right now, we have no regular hours due to Covid. In Feb we should be going back to a M-Th 2:30-10:00 schedule with special events on Fridays. Unless, like, a meteor hits and I have to find a new way to teach kids in a zero-oxygen environment.

Ya, but who are you?

I’m an old punk who is generally bald. A lifetime of neurodivergent adaptation has made me like the Wolverine of projects. So getting a bunch of punks to get their work done so we could play more video games together was a natural fit. When I’m not working with these kiddos, I’m adventuring in one way or another.

I’ll be looking to take this show on the road soon. I’m betting there are a lot of programs or a lot of people who want to do what I do. So if you have a struggling school or are just emerging from college and need a gig, hit me up and let’s see what we can build.

And where’s the money?

An older punk than me, who has a lot more experience at being kind to the world gave me something. “Here is a classroom, here are some laptops, figure something out to help these kids before they graduate high school”. So a specific non-profit foots the bill and makes sure that I’m not just lost in the sea. He’s a good guy.

We are not looking for volunteers at the moment, but we do need experiences and opportunities. Especially if you have trade career or cooking openings for high school students. We also always need tech supplies like computers and laptops. Non-functioning equipment is used for teaching computer repair and then sent to families in need.

Of course, if you have a bigger or more specific donation in mind, we can always make it work!